Carnival Jamboree- Mystical Twilight Fusion

Mystical Twilight Fusion

Mystical Twilight Fusion

This event will take the form of a Theatrical well-choreographed presentation incorporating the participation of groups and bands focused on the creativity of Carnival Arts. Each band will make an individual presentation on stage along with CAWCAE core performers.

Shaw Park Cultural Complex Tobago will be the main focus of the bands’ presentations, where they will be judged.


  • Each band is required to create a personal theme based on the Universal theme : Mystical Twilight Fusion (a list of ideas can be found below but we depend on your personal  creativity )

  • As this is a night Mas event, costuming can incorporate reflective materials or lights

  • Costumes must be made from at least 60% recycled material (includes used carnival costume materials as well as regular recyclable materials ) & 40% regular materials but the presented costumes must not look like junk but the creative use of waste to produce a work of art

  • Each band must have a  minimum of 9 lead dancers or performers who will portray the  personal theme the band represent

  • Each band must have at least one (1) mascot of a puppet, a Carnival Costume or a float. (At least 10 feet in height)

  • The mascot can have special effects of smoke, moving parts, flashing lights etc. (optional)

  • Each band can have more than one individual costumes within the presentation

  • Band is allowed additional members with branded jerseys with theme head or hand pieces

  • Bands can provide their own music truck, drummers or rhythm section ( optional )

  • Music will be provided for bands without personal musical accompaniment

  • All bands will make their presentation to the judging panel at Shaw Park Complex and proceed to parade on the road.